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Here at Aesthetic Laser Center, our mission is to provide a comfortable, clinical environment that is an oasis from stress and a sanctuary for renewal.

We have well-trained, caring aestheticians who properly administer safe and effective treatments to ensure, long-lasting, desired results that are targeted to meet your skin care goals.  We treat all skin types and understand the special needs ranging from the very fair-skinned to the ethnically dark-skinned.  We specialize in wrinkle reduction, skin tightening and laser hair removal.

We have a full team on board who are dedicated to providing you with the best possible experience in aesthetic skin care.  Leslie is our Advanced Esthetician and Medical Assistant. Christina is our Office Manager and Assistant. Viktor Palchikovskiy, N.D. is our residing physician. Each of us has extensive experience in our respective fields and we are dedicated to serving you, our valued client.  Whether you are interested in minimizing the signs of aging, rejuvenating your face and body, or simply unwinding, relaxing and indulging yourself, trust the experts at Aesthetic Laser Center to customize a plan for you. 

What People Are saying

  1. 0
    I have had three photo-facials at Aesthetic Laser Center. I am extremely happy with the results. After my first treatment, dark spots on my face grew slightly darker, scabbed up, and then fell off. The number of broken blood vessels (mainly around my nose) decreased. I saw the same results with each subsequent treatment, just on a lesser scale. The technician is experienced, listens to you and wants you to have the best results possible! - No prolonged redness (my face looked normal upon leaving the office) - No irritation - No zits - No welts (which I've heard can happen with an inexperienced office) - No red marks Their service is great. I missed an appointment and it was no problem to reschedule. They are on time and perform the procedures quickly and efficiently. They provide honest and helpful consultations and do not attempt to up-sell you on services that won't work or are unnecessary for you. As others have said, it's not fancy, but you get great results and no unwanted side-effects. I will continue going and expand on the types of services they provide.
    Alison C.
  2. 1
    Like many on here, I found out about this place because I had a groupon. This is not the first medi spa I have been to, but it may be the last! The technician here is amazing! She is skilled, funny, nice and she has a wealth of knowledge that she is not afraid to use. This is by far the best skin treatment I have ever had. No, it's not super fancy, but maybe the other spas cover their lack of skill up with material fluff in the lobby. I'll take results over a Buddha fountain and new age music any day!
    S B.
  3. 2
    I made an appointment for a facial with Leslie. Leslie was very knowledgeable and sensitive to my skin. She gave me a Microdermabrasion treatment. I left there feeling refreshed, beautiful and confident. I made a follow up appointment with her and will continue my treatment. She is awesome! Thank you Leslie. YOU ROCKED!
    Andy N.
  4. 5
    Just had the IPL Full Face done today. I used a Groupon for $99, and it was a great value. While I wasn't a huge fan of the lobby, Leslie immediately put me at ease. She has been performing laser procedures since 2004, and was very knowledgeable. She explained everything she was doing (and why), which wasn't necessary since I have had IPL several times before. It looks like she got all of the brown spots AND the broken capillaries, so I am psyched. I would recommend this to my friends. (The review from Coco N. is kind of crazy and should be removed. She really doesn't know what she's talking about. )
    Janet P.
  5. 4
    I purchased a Groupon for a IPL photo-facial ... They were extremely professional, knowledgeable and considerate .. I'm heading back for a second appointment this week.
    Jennifer W.
  6. 3
    I recently had a photo-facial I purchased from Groupon. I was a bit nervous cause it was my first photo-facial, but felt much more at ease when I met the tech. I asked her what to expect, she did a great job explaining to me. I also asked her if the photo facial would get rid of some ugly broken vessels on my face. She was nice enough to spend some extra time focusing on them. She was absolutely wonderful! I have already noticed a huge difference and I'm just a couple days out. In regards to another review I want to say I have had other laser procedures such as hair removal and skin resurfacing at other spas. They all used ultrasound gel and disposable wood tongue blades to remove the gel. I'm not sure what is so awful about using Kirkland wipes for a quick face wipe, I'm just happy everything is sanitary and my face looks great! I see more of a difference with this one treatment than I did after 3 laser resurfacing treatments!
    Kim K.

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